Over the past few years, Dubai has emerged as a top holiday destination, mixing the traditional and modern just to offer you a truly wonderful experience. It is the business hub of United Arab Emirates. Tourism is today an essential part of the strategy of the government of Dubai to maintain foreign investment into the emirate. It is steadfastly moving from the industry of oil to the industry of tourism with an eye tightly on its future.

Dubai has a sub-tropical scorched weather where rain is occasional. This means every day maximum temperature is 75 0 F in the month of January increasing to 105 0 F in the month of July. The local time of Dubai is +4 GMT.

The city has so many things to offer and it can be hard to know where to begin – organized trips are sometimes the most efficient way to make the most of your Dubai holiday. Bus travels are the most inexpensive way of getting around the city. Shopping and historical tours are available both night and day. Also, many of the main hotels in Dubai offer transport bus services for their guests.

Basically, Dubai is divided by a creek, which is the primary artery of Dubai. The city attracts great number of shopping travelers from all across the globe, and thus making it the shopping capital of the region of Middle East. It also hosts the popular shopping festival every month of January and some other international events and exhibitions.

The Dubai Duty Free located at the International Airport of Dubai provides goods catering to international passengers using the airport. However, Dubai is renowned for its souks streets in Deira. These are essentially markets selling all types of merchandises. Bargaining for good deals is a vital part of the experience.

Even though sightseeing might not be famous draw as shopping, features of the old culture of Dubai can still be witnessed through few attractions like Dubai Museum and the Sheikh Saeed House.

Another great pastime is going to the desert and enjoy the rough ride in a four-wheel vehicle. Travels out of Dubai do allow for a lot more smoothed experience of the emirate. A journey to the calm beach of Jebel Ali can effortlessly be achieve in a day, while journey to the historical village of Hatta, situated at Hajar Mountains might need a lot more time because of the fact that there is too much to view in a whole day.

Dubai has some alluring beaches which spread through the famous Jumeirah Road, Dubai. These are stylish beaches with clubs and other impressive facilities. More so, Dubai has a great choice of night clubs and bars. Many bars that can offer alcohol are located in luxurious hotels, however there are some exemptions. By law, all night clubs and bars should close by three o’clock in the morning. You must be 25 to be able to enter a night bar or club and you must be 21 to have a shot of liquor.